Zero Down Payment Programs Available

Mike Wallin
Published on May 28, 2024

Zero Down Payment Programs Available

There are a number of Zero Down Payment Purchase Options Available.

A Real Estate Broker with Professional Expertise will be helpful to navigate the available options. Contact Mike at 360-560-3636 or [email protected] to learn more.

Zero Down Payment Purchase Options Available May Include:

There are several down payment assistance programs available to homebuyers in Washington State. Some of the prominent ones include:

WA Bond (VA, FHA, Conventional, USDA) Washington State Housing Finance Commission (WSHFC): Offers various programs, including the Home Advantage and House Key Opportunity programs, which provide down payment assistance and competitive interest rates for first-time homebuyers.

Veterans Downpayment Assistance Loan Program (DAP):** Available to eligible veterans and active-duty military personnel, offering down payment assistance in the form of a second mortgage loan.

These programs often have specific eligibility requirements and application processes, so it’s advisable to contact the respective programs or a local housing counseling agency for detailed information and assistance.


1% down Payment Advantage (borrower pays 1% down, Guild Mortgage for example gives Grant for 2% down)

-Guild Mortgage has a 3-2-1 Home Plus (3% down conventional, we give $2,000 gift card to The Home Depot at closing, 1% grant provided by Guild to pay closing costs)

Cowlitz Indian Tribe assistance (Our partner at Guild is approved with the Tribe to this)

Zero Down Chenoa (WA Bond has much better loan terms for Washington Borrowers. This might be best in OR)

Lakeview Conventional DPA (4% DPA that can be paired with 3% down conventional loan. WA Bond Conventional has better terms than this loan as well)

Arrive Home FHA DPA (not as good terms as WA Bond on a repayable 2nd mortgage for DPA)

HomeChoice Down Payment Assistance Program:** Specifically designed for individuals with disabilities or who have a family member with a disability. It offers up to $15,000 in down payment assistance.

Tacoma Down Payment Assistance Program:** Offers up to $20,000 in down payment assistance for homebuyers purchasing within Tacoma city limits. (We can help you find assistance in Tacoma)

Bellingham Downpayment Assistance Program:** Provides up to $40,000 in down payment assistance for low to moderate-income homebuyers purchasing within Bellingham city limits. (We can help you find assistance in Bellingham)

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